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What is your experience of God? Have you ever experienced God? If  you have then maybe you will know where i am coming from when i speak of time standing still.  Actually i’m not sure if this is the right way to describe it because everything can still be moving and carrying on only it is a bit like being in slow motion. It’s like a clarity of mind that perceives everything at once – it’s awesome and i’m not accustomed to using such words usually but that’s the word that springs to mind when i think of the experiences i’ve had that seemed to stand still.

I have written of one such experience (a life changing one where i committed my self to the Lord Jesus) when i experienced the intense love of our Saviour. This can be found on the page ‘Meeting Jesus’. The following is an experience i had at a mission worship weekend away.

All weekend i had been hoping for something to move me. There were some great conferences on different ways of worshipping our Lord and i just LOVE to worship. Especially when it comes to singing and praying. So i enjoyed every moment of my stay there. However as the weekend was drawing to a close my heart began to sink. I had felt that something big was going to happen that would draw me closer to God and nothing had, that is, not in any great extent.

We (that’s the music group and i) went to the very last worship get-together of the weekend in the auditorium. It was even better than i expected. I sang my heart out (i just love singing to God). As i was singing one of my all-time favourites ‘Amazing God’, i became aware of the fact that i was concentrating more on the sound of my singing than on the one i was singing to, the Holy Spirit made me aware of this. At realising that my focus was not where it should be i turned my thoughts back to God and sang with all my heart with a great feeling of love and praise for him. At that very moment of shifting my attention back to him i was blessed with God’s amazing presence and as though all at once – i could see the whole auditorium – it was like looking through a magnified globe. This is difficult to explain but it was like i could see everything at once and i can only explain it as like an extreme heightened awareness of all that was around me without the noise and distractions and movement that come with it. Yes there was movement but it was slow and synchronised and there was noise but it was in harmony and unity. I suppose i could say it was a different perception – God’s perception maybe – of us all, as we worship together. The feeling i was left with was magnificent, truly. I was so filled with the Holy Spirit that i could not stop smiling. What a fantastic time i had.

“I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among throngs of people i will praise you.” (Psalm 35:18 NIV).

As i think back i wonder why it is that we don’t share such experiences with eachother. For me i find it much easier to put into words when writing. It’s more difficult to express myself in conversation, face-to-face, as i lack confidence. It would be really nice to hear about other people’s experiences of God. I personally have more to share and i will, in time. I just wanted to give you one example of the timeless element that has accompanied God’s presence, in my experience.

“… Never will i leave you; never will i forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5 NIV).


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