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Angry at God.

Why LORD? Why, oh why, oh why Lord? You give and take away. It hurts when you take away Lord. I don’t understand why you take away that which seems to be good for me Lord. Did i do something wrong, did i idolise and worship someone other than you Lord? How is this good for me Lord, how will i grow from this? I cannot see the benefits of such a loss. Please Lord explain to me why this had to happen. Reveal to me how i might grow in character from this as i am at a loss. I feel like the veil has been pulled over my eyes so that i am unable to see you now my Lord. I can’t see you as clearly as before. Where should i look and find you Lord? Please forgive me for my sin against you Lord. Forgive my anger towards you – i feel hurt and lack understanding. Please help me to understand and grant me the wisdom and strength to endure these changes. Grant me a willing Spirit to sustain me and give me the heart to seek you and to persevere in seeking you that i may see you and hear you more clearly, Lord, my God.

Your will be done.



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