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The Gift of Grace.

Before you read the following dream please bear in mind that dreams are more often than not ‘Weird’ – especially my dreams. Our minds often can’t recall all of the content and so where this happens it may fill in the gaps with nonsense. I will try to leave out the nonsensical parts of the dream for your own good as well as my already damaged reputation. Read and enjoy! I hope you get the point of the story.

I awoke this morning at 6:00am exactly according to my clock. I was so pleased to have finally got the point that i had to write my dream down. When i share this type of dream i do so because i feel that God has given me insight through it. Some bits are missing. I have written it as i had when i woke up – i hope you understand it.

A gangster is trying to get at a group of us because one of our men has done something wrong and now has the gangster’s gun. We are in a house or block of flats, as i recall looking out of the window down towards a screeching red sports car as it pulls up outside. One of the women hides the gun on top of a cluttered fridge-freezer but it is still visible. I tried to push it further back out of sight but didn’t want to get my finger-prints on the gun. We all begin to fret and panic. We know that the gangster is coming to kill us all. I begin explaining to my daughter what might happen to us if the bad men get to us. The woman who hid the gun tries desperately to find a way out. One man goes to plead with his wife and confess the truth of what he has been involved in. The man who stole the gun goes to talk with the gangster about a life-changing event involving a song called ‘You never cease to amaze me’ and a beautiful young woman is held ransom and sits petrified as another man with the gangster holds her hostage.

The key points of the dream are when the truth is being explained – the confession of the husband to his wife – as she sits and listens it is like her whole world is falling apart – i see what she sees – a vision of her holding her head, totally distraught, in an aeroplane as it hurls towards the ground at speed. The other truth being shared is the song and its explanation and how it has changed this man’s way of thinking and way of life – his whole world in-fact. I see him sitting in-front of the gangster not only smiling but laughing as he shares the joy of the insightful song and it’s truth, to the gangster, who sits there with many shots of brandy or whisky, lined up, and listening to the story with gun in hand and decision making in his heart. He is relaxed but hasn’t heard all of the story yet and so hasn’t made up his mind as to his next move – so he listens to the life-changing story from the gun thief. And so the story of the song is explained with a cheerful heart and as the truth is told and explained – hearts are changed. (I only heard a very small part of the story but i got the point – the following is a few of the song lyrics).

‘You never cease to amaze me; you work in wonderful mystery; you cover me with your mercy; you never stop amazing me; you were exalted in majesty; you came down in humility, broke chains – you made me free; you never cease to amaze me. All praise to Him who saves, who conquered death and scorned the grave – the priceless treasure freely spent, has purchased grace that knows no end – to Him we sing now on and on ….’

Can you see it? When the truth of God’s love and Jesus’ self-sacrifice is explained as shown in bold above, hearts are changed, lives are saved, truth is revealed and love is won over. The priceless treasure – Jesus – is freely spent – sacrificed – and has bought us freedom – an eternal grace from an eternal loving God.

In my dream we were all part of the gangster’s death list, in some way we were all guilty and involved in trying to cover up the sin. The gangster represents the sinner who by hearing and believing the story could be saved as is the husband who is confessing his sin. The gun – the destructor – represents sin that brings death; as does the lie of the husband. The wife who has unknowingly participated in the lie realises her sin and the part she played as she is told the truth, she understands her fall from grace that leads to death and she is crushed at heart and broken in spirit.

I woke up before seeing what happened to the woman and her husband and before seeing if the gangster’s heart was changed and whether or not the gun thief was successful with his explanation of the truth that sets us free. I’d like to think that it was a happy ending.

Please feel free to express your thoughts and any ideas at other ways of looking at the dream. I do like to hear a different perspective on things – it broadens my understanding. Thankyou and may God bless you!

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no-one can boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9 NIV)


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The following dream was insightful and although the content may seem strange, i learned a lot from it.

Nov. 2009

The dream began with the announcement that evil character out of Eastenders – Janine was going to marry a very old vicar (okay i know it sounds bizarre already but bear with me, keeping in mind that it’s her evil character that is significant). So, many people flock to the vicar’s church and wait to see the man that  is suddenly in the spot-light.

The church is derelict and the grounds are overgrown. We wait and wait for the vicar to give his sermon but he doesn’t turn up. So i go outside to look for him and find him sitting in the grounds picking grass, weeds and flowers. I kneel down and he asks me outright “why do you think she is marrying me?” I replied “so that God can use her publicity to get these people here, so that He can speak through you, to them.” He looked at me and said “well done!”

The vicar stood up and followed me back into the church where the restless crowd had begun to gossip, we can hear them as we enter. The vicar is still holding the bunch of growth in his hand ( i had picked a weed and thrown it into a skip and felt bad about it as this man held onto the bunch as though it was all precious; grass, weeds and flowers alike). The vicar sat down, as i tried to scramble clumsily back to my seat and a couple of comments were made – one encouraging and the other criticising. Then i awoke.

In the dream i felt a high regard for the vicar and believed that God was using him for something special – i believed that God was going to speak through him and i was keen to hear what He had to say. Yet the only things he said to me are mentioned above, as i have written. “Well done!” was a really appreciated comment from him. I felt like i had passed some sort of test, where i had allowed God to use me and speak through me. I had been aware that God had given me the insight into the reason why Janine had proposed marriage to the old vicar. When i think about the fact that God was using sly and craftily behaving Janine and her own reasons and tactics for wanting to marry the vicar – God’s plan was so much bigger. He already knew what was going on and was also using, what many viewed as a bad and possibly dangerous situation for the vicar, for His own good purpose – to speak to others through the vicar and in this particular case, to me. I also realised that God was not only using the vicar to speak through, but He was speaking through me as well – amazing! 

I was left with a feeling of awe from this dream. The fact that this vicar was aware that All things are precious to God – the grass, weeds and flowers. He was a humble vicar yet he had an authority about him and yet he also treated me as equal. In my eyes he stood out from the crowd because of his strange lowly appearance. He had long white hair, piercing blue eyes, a relaxed and humble posture, seemed gentle and wise and caring for all things.

What struck me most of all in this dream was the ‘Bigger picture’ in the background, where all things are set, and the goodness that comes from every bad situation, it’s already there, in place – and God has it all in His hands, He knows it all – Amazing!

Psalm 139

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Heal my heart!

The following is a dream i had last year – i usually write my dreams down if they are profound and have some spiritual significance. It is a good way to get some interpretation and gain insight on things that may be occuring in the present. I would welcome other people’s interpretations – it is good to see things from different perspectives.

There was a sense of familiarity about this dream towards the end of it.

‘In my dream there was something wrong with my left eye and it was covered over with a patch which had some sort of decoration on it. I was sat in a dim room (it was almost dark) and in my hands i was holding something that had just been given to me. It was a love-letter/poem from the past. But only part of it was visible. It was slowly being revealed because the wax that was covering it was coming away, showing just a small piece of the writing. It was as though the writing had been covered over with a red crayon/wax material. I was aware that i had been the one to conceal it years ago. As it was being revealed to me, i was filled with an overwhelming sadness of a love that i lost. The feeling was so strong that i woke up in tears’.

I reflected on the dream, aware of the person that had come to mind who i had once loved. To me i see this dream as part of a healing process that can now take place as i have no other distractions, being single. The love letter/poem represented my heart’s true feelings of love that had been buried for so long due to the pain surrounding the break-up. I found the feelings too strong to face all those years ago and these feelings were just as fresh in the dream as they had been back then.

It felt to me that God was beginning a healing process and helping me to look at a very painful memory that needs to be revealed bit by bit in order for me to move on. Prayer ministry has not been successful with this particular hurt.

There are a few points in the dream that i am finding difficult to interpret e.g. the patch over my eye (although a family member of mine has this disability). Could i be empathising with that person’s loss too? Could i be identifying with that person to some extent? With only part of the poem being uncovered could this be due to the blindness of this one eye – is there a link between the blindness and the unveiling of my heart? In time i am sure that the truth will be revealed.

“Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the inmost place.” (Psalm 51:6 NIV).

Praise God for his healing powers!


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