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I Believe …!

I believe … in the living Creator God – Father, Son (Jesus Christ) & Holy Spirit (3 in 1).

I believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father, therefore I get to know him. For he is the exact representation of the Father. It is through the Holy Bible that I learn about God and also hear from him. He speaks to me in a variety of ways and tells me things unknown to me, by the Holy Spirit who lives in me. My conscience is pricked when I do wrong. My thoughts can often be of love and good-will to others for when God speaks it is to guide me to know and do what is right to help others, not for my benefit, however I am often blessed by my obedience to him.

I believe that we all sin (do wrong) and that this has been done against a holy and pure God who demands justice but desires mercy. So out of his love for us all, he sent Jesus to live and die for us that he would take our punishment for our sins upon himself. Then Jesus rose again after 3 days, for our justification. Showing us that we too will live eternally. Through Jesus we can now have a relationship with God. We can live in union with God the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit.

I believe that when we ask God to forgive us for our sins, that he forgives us – this is grace, that we receive his favour, that we do not deserve. By his grace alone are we saved. We cannot earn our way into heaven because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Good works alone will not save you!

I believe that it is our choosing not to believe in God that is the greatest sin and hindrance to salvation for how can we enter the gates of heaven if we don’t  know the owner? We cannot receive from him if we do not believe in him. Thank God for people who pray!

I believe that there is an enemy of God – Satan, and that he and his armies cause havoc upon this earth because we allow him to. When we lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, and gossip about others, etc, (sin), we cause harm and give ground over for Satan to use against us and those we hurt. Have you ever noticed how a little white lie can turn into an epic?

I believe that Jesus is currently seated on his heavenly throne and that he will come back here again and that when that time comes those of us who believe in him will be taken up with him (some people call this the rapture). In those times there will be great trials and tribulations before Jesus’ coming. After that time, judgement for all mankind will also come.

I believe that we never know when our time is up, it could be any day! People have said I will wait until I’m old before I look into that, but you may never reach old. The time is now, not tomorrow, or next week, next month, next year or 20 years time – there is no guarantee that you will live that long or that Jesus won’t come back before then. Each of us should do our searching and seek God out before it’s too late.

I believe that whether you have read this or not, whether you agree or not, that you have free will to choose your own way. I also know that every choice has a consequence. I respect your beliefs and freedom to live as you so wish. I will not harm you or pressure you with what I believe to be true. I believe that God’s grace is there for all those who call on his name.

Yes I am a Christian – If I speak of love and want to share the way of love with you, should that result in violence against me?

God is love, truth, justice and mercy, full of power and grace! When we see him then we will know for sure but until then let us live a life of love and walk blamelessly before our God. Let us treat each other as we ourselves would like to be treated. Let us make a vow to love one-another as God loves us!

I believe … and my beliefs may differ from your own but why should this offend you if I’m not hurting anyone?


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