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During my growth as a Christian I struggled at one point to see who God was. There seemed to me to be so many ideas of who God is that I began questioning his character. My thoughts were ‘who is God’ and ‘how do I know he is good like the bible says he is?’ Also I wondered at the variations of people’s ideas of who God is. It was a difficult but rewarding time as the Holy Spirit began to reveal the truth to me. This is what i learned:


Jesus is the way – he is the only way. If we don’t point to Jesus, who is the exact representation of God (Col.1:15), then we are not pointing to God. Anything other than Jesus is man’s symbolic way of describing a God in an attempt to get people to understand. The sad thing about it is that if we tell others that God is how they interpret him to be in their own minds then we are feeding a lie. But if we point them to Jesus, he reveals who the Father God is by his character. Jesus himself says “If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well.” (John 14:7).


Jesus is the truth – when we look to Jesus the truth is revealed to us. When people look at their own ideas of who God is he fits their lifestyle. Everything about their God suits them and so they can accept him. Unfortunately this God happens to be different from their neighbours’ God because their God doesn’t like the other person’s ways and opinions. So as far as we can see, this God that each person claims to be ‘their God’ is a mixture of different ideas and often opposing beliefs. What kind of a God is this that he should be so at war with himself? Yet if we look at Jesus, the only one to ever claim to be ‘the Son of God’, the only one to ever be resurrected and this witnessed by 500 people at once, we see the character of God the Father and Creator. His character is not at all one that fits our lifestyles (a nature that is prone to sin, greed and self-gratification). He doesn’t fit into each individual’s mould because he is God! ‘His ways and thoughts are higher and holier than ours’ (Isa. 55:8-9). Just because he doesn’t align himself with what we want and value and believe, it doesn’t mean he then isn’t God. On the contrary, he is the truth, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present and everlasting God. He created us! He will live on even when our mortal bodies die! We didn’t create or invent him! So why do we insist that God be the way we want him to be. He knows what is right and good and best for us.


Jesus is the life – when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we become united with him in spirit. Life here on this earth passes and our bodies die but what about our spirit? If you don’t believe that we are made up of body, mind and spirit then you probably won’t have read this far down anyway. But if you do you will want to know what happens to your spirit when your body dies. This is vitally important for we have one life in the body and then an eternal existence in the spirit and where that happens to be spent is actually your decision. You can have spiritual life (light) where you are connected to the source of life – Jesus (John 1:4); or you can have spiritual death (darkness) where you are still disconnected from the source of life because you haven’t acknowledged that source for who he is. God doesn’t send people to hell! He never did and never will, it is us who send ourselves there. How can God save us if we don’t acknowledge that he is the one who has made us and saved us. We can’t claim our inheritance if we do not turn to the one who offers it to us.


So there it is. I may have waffled on a bit but I hope the point has been made clear. We as Christians need to acknowledge the truth for what it is. If we don’t point to Jesus as being the only way to seeing and knowing the true God then we are not pointing to God at all! Our ideas and interpretations of who God is amount to nothing in the light of this truth that is ‘Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through him!’ (John 14:6).


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