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“Alone, alone, alone!”

I have been stewing over the fact that there are many people out there whose needs aren’t being met and was wondering why we are failing miserably at meeting their needs. With so many people out of work, why is it that these needs are not being met. There are so many empty buildings around and yet so many homeless people with no shelter for the night. And so many lonely people in the world just needing a bit of company. There are elderly people who can’t get about and feel unsafe on their own in their homes. Years ago family members would live close by or in the same property, looking after the older generation. Now families can live vast distances apart, even in other countries. What happens to the elderly person, all alone, weak and frail, facing the final time of their life?
One dear friend of mine in particular is struggling and i can’t help her any more than i already do and i felt annoyed about that.
Opening my new book ‘Hearing God’ by Dallas Willard – that arrived today, at a page already bookmarked i read:

“And here she is – alone, alone, alone!”
“A similar but even more profound feeling had come over me when our first child was born. I realised painfully that this incredibly beautiful little creature we had brought into the world was utterly separate from me and that nothing i could do would shelter him from his aloneness in the face of time, brutal events, the meanness of other human beings, his own wrong choices, the decay of his own body and, finally, death.
It is simply not within human capacity to care effectively for others in the depths of their life and being or even to be with them in finality – no matter how much we may care about them. If we could only really be with them, that would almost be enough, we think. But we cannot, at least not in a way that would satisfy us. For all of us the words of the old song are true: “You must go there by yourself.”

How amazingly timely and comforting to know that God knows exactly how i feel. He sees the needs and shows me so that i might be burdened with them too. Therefore not only teaching me compassion but also prompting me to want to do something about it. And as i realise the job is far too big for me alone, i feel this sense of hopelessness. But God in his almighty power, wisdom and compassion tells me through a passage in a book, at exactly the right time that i needed to hear it, that i am not alone. I am not alone in trying to help others and i’m not expected to do it all alone. Myself and those that i reach out to in their loneliness will never be completely satisfied with what i have to offer or what i can give because only God can fulfill their deepest needs. Only God will be with them in their final hour, as they pass from this life to the next. God is all seeing and all knowing, ever-present and here to stay! He promises never to leave us, so we need not feel alone because He is always with us!

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Heb.13:5)


Willard, D. ‘Hearing God’ – Developing a Conversational Relationship with God (Inter Varsity Press, Illinois, 1999) p. 43.

The Holy Bible (NIV).


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