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I’m sorry, it was not intentional.

If i didn’t say hello when i passed you in the street, i’m sorry, it was not intentional. I may have been pre-occupied in my thoughts, praying or rushing around, i just didn’t see you. I would have said hi, even if i was running past you, had i have seen you.

If i haven’t called you in a while, i’m sorry, it was not intentional. Maybe i have been so busy that my thoughts of lists of things to do have taken up so much of my time that i forgot to phone you. Maybe i should start writing lists of the people i haven’t spoken to in a while to remind me to call you. But just to let you know, i didn’t deliberately not call you.

If i didn’t ask you how you was when i spoke to you, i’m sorry, it was not intentional. At times my mind is on all that needs to be done and if you ask me questions too, then i have a lot to think about. I really do care, even if it doesn’t seem like i do, it’s just that sometimes i can be thoughtless of you because of all the other stuff that i’m thoughtful of. Yes i make mistakes and need to get my priorities right at times and believe me i am trying. I really do care.

If i said something to upset you, i’m sorry, it was not intentional. Sometimes i don’t think carefully about what i say and can be tactless or word things wrong. I don’t want to upset you or hurt your feelings, in-fact i want to make you happy and encourage you with nice words. Somehow i manage to say things without thinking about what i’m saying, sometimes. And if i’m feeling sad or angry or having a rough day then my words may have a tone that has absolutely nothing to do with you. The fact that you are hearing this tone in my voice is because you have caught me at a bad time. The way i feel about you has not changed. Just because i say a few wrong words or have a tone, doesn’t mean i love you any less.

If i have done anything to upset you or cause you pain or hurt in any way, i’m sorry, it was not intentional. My aim in life is not to hurt you at all. Sometimes we may have differences of opinion and we may not always agree. We may have different priorities, ideas, values, morals, etc, which can cause disharmony in our talks but putting all that aside, i value you for who you are, despite our differences. I accept that your way and my way are not always the same. If i am hurting you in any way, tell me and we can talk things through and if i can make peace with you, i will.

You and i are different and at times we may clash because of our opinions, beliefs, values, etc. Let us try to get along and put our differences aside. As we grow in our understanding of our differences, may we also grow in our acceptance of one-another. Yes we may hurt each other at times but keeping in mind that we do this unintentionally, let us be more forgiving of the mistakes we do make. Let our intentions be to:

“…clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” (Col.3:12-14)

Love intentionally!

(Related verse: Rom. 13:10)


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Spiritually Stagnant (song)

1)Not moving forward, nor bound to return,

stuck in this place with so much more to learn,

going nowhere fast, not growing at all,

listening for your voice, barely hear you call …

Feel like i’m lacking, am down on myself,

know this isn’t good for my spiritual health,

but can’t seem to see past my sin & my shame,

feeling i’ve ruined all i had to gain …



Spiritually Stagnant

lost without you

numb with my feelings

don’t know what to do

can’t seem to focus

can’t seem to find

feelings of love for you

and words of praise in my mind.


2)Try to describe why i’m feeling so blue,

try to find words to sing praises to you

but i’m all empty, poured out like a cup,

needing your touch Lord, to fill me up …

So i’m returning to my first love now,

trusting in Jesus to show me how,

wait on his Spirit to show me the way,

he speaks for me when i don’t know what to say …




3)I’ll reject these feelings that cause so much pain,

turn my heart and thinking to Jesus again,

thank him for forgiveness and all he has done,

stand firm in the truth that my Lord God has won.

My heart, Lord, has hardened, so soften it please,

filled with condemnation, i’m down on my knees,

receiving your grace Lord, i know what to do,

i’ll worship & praise, fix my focus on you!



Spiritually Stagnant

was lost without you

was numb with my feelings

but know what to do

i will focus

and i will find

feelings of love for you

and words of praise in my mind.


by MandeeJ

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