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See God in the Bad.

As i walked through the same churchyard i had walked through many times before, i came to the church entrance. On the step in the doorway someone had written the words ‘GOD IS DEAD’. I was upset by this comment let alone the defacement of church property. So i tried to scrub it out but no matter what i tried the words wouldn’t rub off. Then the thought came to me – so i began to search my handbag for my eyeliner pencil, which i hadn’t used in ages. When i looked at it i realised that there was very little pencil showing but i used it anyway. I glanced over the comment & searched for the appropriate area where the change could be made. Yes there it was, so i altered the word ‘ DEAD’ to ‘REAL’ so that it read ‘GOD IS REAL’. It was the best i could do with what i had but it was noticeable.

As i walked off thinking about who i could report this to, so that they could get the proper equipment to remove the graffiti, i began to ponder what i had just done. That is when it occurred to me. How wonderful is our God, for this is just what he does. He turns the bad situation around for good. Out of every bad comes good. I think back to the many bad experiences that i have lived through and am aware of how i have grown in character because of them. There have been times when i needed to grow up and not be so self-centred, times when i have wronged others and times when i have just been a victim of cruelty and yet if i hadn’t gone through those times, i wouldn’t have the patience, perseverance, mercy, empathy & blessed prayer life that i have now. How amazing is our God. Yes we will suffer at times and we will not always be able to see why something has happened and how God is working in it but we can trust that he knows exactly what & why it is occurring and what good will come of it.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28


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