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Why don’t you just show yourself God?

Have you ever asked God why he doesn’t just show himself to us and be done with it? Can you imagine it? Could you handle seeing him? Would you feel free to be who you are in his holy presence? All those disgusting habits and bad thoughts that he could see and hear – how would that make you feel? Maybe the guilt, shame and embarassment would be too much for you to handle, let alone the fear of his awesome presence and appearance. So don’t you think our God is so mighty and gracious to spare us of such shame and disgust that he gives us the choice of whether we want to draw closer to him and see our ugliness in sight of his goodness or not. I know what i want – to get so close that i see myself for who i am and become like him with thankfulness of heart that he loves me enough to forgive me and accept me  – and when i remain in him, he will remain in me and transform me into his likeness that i too will be good.
So how do you see yourself? Could you handle the truth when you are faced with him? Maybe you don’t know God because you haven’t searched for him yet – knowing that if you are suddenly faced with the truth, that he is real – then how would you cope with that realisation? If you don’t know God and His Son Jesus Christ then pray a prayer of faith to know Jesus and see what happens – i pray that He will answer your prayer according to his good will. He already knows everything about you and he will lift your shame and disgust from you and take it upon himself for Jesus has already done this on the cross. So don’t sit in despair and depression – turn and face your fears, open up your heart and mind and focus on seeking the truth and see what God does and has done for you. It’s your choice.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NIV)


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