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Ezekiel 31

Today as i travelled with friends along the road and looked out at the trees in the fields i noticed the occasional tree had dead wood protruding out above its foliage. This reminded me of Ezekiel 31. At the time i couldn’t recall the chapter but as i turned to the bible i was lead straight to it. This passage tells of the cedar tree in Lebanon which grew in splendour because of abundant waters. God had given it a position of power, other trees and creatures lived in its shelter. But it grew so tall and proud that it was cut down.

” …Because it towered on high, lifting its top above the thick foliage, and because it was proud of its height, i handed it over to the ruler of the nations, for him to deal with according to its wickedness, I cast it aside…”

This tree had been blessed by God, it had been well-watered. In life we too are blessed by God with the power of the Holy Spirit within us and gifts that we sometimes take for granted. And as God so graciously blesses us we can find ourselves in a position of great responsibility and power. The higher we are, the greater the risk of fall and the greater the fall. Therefore do not strive to be great and proud of position but remain a humble servant, viewing everyone as better than yourself. And always give thanks to God, for he is worthy of our praise and all the glory belongs to him.


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After watching this film for the second time and feeling sick to the stomach at how cruel us humans can be i have a theory. All his life Jesus worked as a carpenter – i believe that this was so that he could learn to love the very material that he would be crucified on. Did you see the way he clung to the cross in the film? I can imagine that Jesus loved all that hurt him including the cross of wood that he hung on. I wonder after working with that material for so long, if he found comfort in the smell and feel of the wood that he had grown so familiar of. All the hard work he put into creating things out of wood could enable him to be focused on the work he needed to do on the cross so that we could also become his new creations! Could this have encouraged him and kept him focused on the goal? Just imagine you have a masterpiece to create and it is going to take all you have to get it done, would you not get some practice in and become very familiar with the materials and tools you need to accomplish your goal first?

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